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Welcome to Whats App Video Hub

Most likely you're on Whats App Video Hub because you're someone with great taste. Friends look up to you. People want to sleep with you. Furry creatures flock around you.

Whats App Video Hub is a comedic And Funny video website that combines the brilliant idea of user-generated content along with original, licensed and exclusive content. Impressive, we know. We have the funniest, side splitting, piss-in-your-pants videos on the internet today which is what maintains our huge and loyal audience base. People like you.

Whats App Video Hub started simply as a way for a group of friends (that's us) to share the funniest videos we came across. More people wanted to get in on the game and Whats App Video Hub exploded to the size it is now. We've been in the business longer than you've been of age to drink and have the content and traffic to prove it.
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